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Genealogy of David and Cindy Fox
David M. Fox

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This genealogy site is under construction and will be updated as new information is received and entered into my database.

My name is David M. Fox and I have created this website to document the genealogy of my family as well as my wife Cindy's family. I got started doing research on my family in 1989 after an inspiring oral history given by my great aunt, Sonia Feitelson Gold, who is the girl on the lower left of the picture above.   The photo was taken onboard the SS Lituania in late June or early July 1910. The woman in the center of the picture is my great grandmother, Goldie FYTELSON (Feitelson). My grandmother, Gittel (later Gertrude), is on the right of the back row. Others in the photo are Gittel's sibblings, except that one is an unidentified girl, who is probably not related. The ship arrived in New York on July 4, 1910. The family was very proud that they did not come over in steerage, as many immigrants of the time did.


4,248 gross tons, length 400.7ft x beam 45.2ft, one funnel, four masts, single screw, speed 13 knots. Built by Harland & Wolff, Belfast as the cargo ship (12 passengers) LANCASHIRE for Bibby Line, she was launched on 27th Apr.1889 and used on the UK - Burma service. In 1892 she was converted to carry 70-1st class passengers and in 1905 was sold to Danish East Asiatic Co and renamed KINA. Transferred to the Russian American Line in 1907, fitted with accommodation for 1st class, 100-2nd class and 1,050-3rd class passengers and renamed LITUANIA. 4th Jul.1907 first voyage Libau - Rotterdam - New York. Oct.1907 went aground in fog on Swedish coast at Skillinge and returned to Libau for repairs. 1st Apr.1912 last voyage Libau - Halifax - New York. 1913 sold to Japan renamed DAITEN MARU. 6th Mar.1918 torpedoed and sunk by U-Boat in the Mediterranean. [Merchant Fleets vols.29 & 43 by Duncan Haws] [North Atlantic Seaway vol.3, p.1355 by N.R.P.Bonsor]

These are just some of the branches of my family are noted below.
FOX (FUCHS), HUDES, TISCHLER, MECHLAWICZ, FYTELSON (FEITELSON and later TELSON), TSIVIN (SIVIN), RABINOWITZ, HOROWITZ (GUREWITZ), and SCHENDEROFF (SENDEROV, SHENDEROV and other variations). In addition to these names, there are many others which you can find by clicking on the surname button.

My wife is the former Cynthia Anne Beck. Branches of her family that you find on this site include: BECK (BORKER), KRUGMAN (KRUK), YACHNOVSKY, GOTTLIEB, BACH, WEINER, and HOROWITZ, plus many more.

Our ancestrial towns or shtetls stretch over central and eastern Europe. Because of the frequent border changes in that region, current names of towns and even countries are not the same as they were when our ancestors lived there. Our families came from towns and villages that are now part of Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, and Ukraine. We are thankful that they had the courage to immigrate to United States and Canada. Many members of the family who did not make the same decision and remained in Europe perished in the Holocaust.

During August 1999, Cindy and I visited Belarus and visited a number of our ancestral shtetls (towns and villages), including Minsk, Mogilev, Baranovichi, and Rogachev. We have many photos which we are willing to share with family. Click here and view an article about how we found the family mill, along with a picture of the house where the family lived. For an account of our visit to Rogachev please click here.

To quickly find your family, click here for surnames. After viewing your family pages, please help me fill in the missing information on your family pages.To see what a more complete page look like, see my family page. Do you know where someone attended school or college? Vital dates and places? Military service? etc.

Family members are strongly encouraged to submit photographs, additions and corrections by clicking on my email address below.

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